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Children learn most effectively when they are comfortable with their environment; teaching swimming lessons in a pool students are already familiar with and accept as a safe place, leads to increased comfort and success.


Parents are free to stay and watch the lesson if they wish or they can use the time to accomplish other household tasks, knowing their child is having fun and learning in the safety of their own pool with a qualified and engaging instructor.


For families with multiple children wishing to take lessons, being at their own home is a considerable advantage; SPLASH solves the problem of one child anxiously waiting for their lesson time or for a sibling's lesson to be over.


Session #1                            Session #4

June 4th - June 14th          July 15th - July 26th

Session #2                            Session #5

June 17th - June 28th        July 29th - August 9th

Session #3                            Session #6

July 2nd - July 12th             August 12th - August 23rd

Please note that SPLASH is available to offer all services including swimming lessons as early as May 2024.


A fully operational and warm pool is the only requirement for early registration acceptance.


  • Swimming Lessons - $225/session; each session includes 8 private 30 minute lessons
  • Lifesaving Society Patrol Classes - $225/session; each session includes 8 private 30 minute lessons
  • Stroke Improvement Classes - $30/lesson when sold outside of a standard lesson package

Shared Facilities

  • SPLASH is happy to offer swimming lessons to clients who do not have their own backyard pool but have been invited to use one belonging to a friend or family member.  

  • In such cases a waiver must be signed by all parties.

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