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COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures

The following protocols and procedures will be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of all SPLASH participants this summer. The pandemic is not over however with caution and diligence SPLASH is confident we can manage new developments as they arise in order that we may all enjoy a summer of fun together.

  1. All clients agree to perform a daily health self-assessment of students and household members and to report any of the following symptoms to SPLASH: fever, chills, cough, stuffiness and/or runny nose, shortness of breath, sore throat/difficulty swallowing, loss of taste or smell, pink eye, headache, digestive issue including nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, muscle aches, tiredness, lack of appetite. Exposure to anyone experiencing any of these symptoms must also be reported to SPLASH immediately.

  2. All clients (students and household family members) who are eligible must be double vaccinated in order to enjoy the interactive lessons customary of SPLASH. For those who are not fully vaccinated (for any reason) physical distancing between instructor and students as well as any family members or observers must always be a minimum of 2 meters. Adaptive lesson planning including but not limited to instructor demonstrations without physical manipulations/touching, use of mannequins for demonstrating first aid procedures will be implemented for those who are not fully vaccinated. Important to note for unvaccinated households, is that lower-level swimmers who would normally require the instructor to hold them in the pool will have to be accompanied in each lesson by a family member or guardian to perform these tasks; the instructor will guide the assistant from a safe physical distance.

  3. Equipment can be a transmitter of the virus and therefore all clients agree to provide their students with their own goggles, dive toys, pool noodles, flutter boards etc.

  4. As per usual, parents can expect to receive feedback from the instructor on their child’s progress; these conversations will respect the client’s safe physical distance comfort levels or can be offered via email, phone call or text.

  5. Clients accept that the instructor will not enter their home to access the pool and agree to keep the environment (i.e. gate handles, poolside furniture, pool ladders etc.) cleaned and disinfected to prevent the transmission of the virus.

  6. Please sign, witness and forward all necessary forms including registration, insurance waiver, pool maintenance rules and COVID-19 policies and procedures to SPLASH prior to the start of your first session.

As the Owner of SPLASH, I will continue to monitor any developments in the pandemic and the changing government guidelines; I will also continue to partake of the Lifesaving Society resources for further professional development to ensure I am adhering to best practices. SPLASH remains confident that our model of private, at-home swim instruction is the safest way to enjoy a healthy and fun summer in the pool. As always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Being well-informed will ensure we all have a safe and happy summer.


~Lauren Boultbee

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